Tuesday, November 22, 2011


 Ham Nation: Twit.tv/hn

Back in the days of Tech TV, I was hopelessly addicted to the computer and technology show, The Screen Savers, hosted by Leo Laporte and Patrick Norton.  Good Times.  But networks get bought and sold and eventually Tech TV and The Screen Savers were no more.

Despondent, I eventually ran across shows and internet blogs where I can catch up somewhat with my favorite tech hosts.  Kevin and Alex hosted Diggnation...  Leo was still doing his Tech Guy radio show and the others popped up from time to time.

But Leo had a plan...  to eventually start what he calls "the CNN of Tech" and from his spare bedroom/broadcast center TWIT.TV was born.  TWIT has continued to grow and is now one of the premiere online tech content providers.  Revision3 is up there, too, but Leo has really put together a quality organization with a look and feel consistent throughout all the TWIT.TV shows.  And he's done it all the old-fashioned way - hard work, knowledge of his craft, and a true desire to put out a quality product.  And to beat it all, for years Leo has desired to become an Amateur Radio Operator.  Well, with the help of his friends Bob Heil and Gordon West, Leo finally accomplished his goal and of course, he immediately put out a great weekly show on Ham Radio called HamNation.  I try to keep up with it each week and have yet to be disappointed.  Most of the material presented is for the new to intermediate operator, but there are many interviews, etc., that will appeal to everyone.  Highly recommended.

Steve, W4HKL

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